Going Through the Learning Process of Being A Reviewer

Since my last reflection, I have learned and experienced a lot more to help me further understand the real side of being a reviewer. Every week I learned quite a variety of things whether it was from gaining feedback or trying something new out myself.

In the past month I posted and made quite a wider range of reviews on the site compared to what I started with. I posted a Review about Black Friday which made me feel more self confident about my writing and the hard work that goes into each review. The latest review that I added up to our site was about The Ultimate Christmas Gifts to Buy Someone in 2017 and this makes a good review to read since Christmas is starting to come around and many are starting to think about what to buy. Not only have I learned to gain more experience in writing reviews but now we have the opportunity to post them ourselves. Since we have been able to post the reviews ourselves I feel like I have more responsibility to add my writing to the site and contribute more on the website by doing this. Now I know how to write an excerpt to catch more attention for the ones reading my work. When posting the work we get to find our own images and add a category and tags which makes me get a further understanding about what exact category I am writing about and what place it falls into.

Aside from learning how to post on the website, I learned how to take others feedback from my draft edits into more consideration. The more reviews I write the more I tend to learn. From getting feedback from my editor and others I realized how to change the form and wording in my writing. I was repeating a lot of the same words without even realizing it and now I understand how to proof read my work and use a variety of words instead of just repeating the same ones over again. I also learned how to cut off the run on sentences that I have used a lot. By taking in feedback to improve and making these small changes in my work I have become a lot more educated in the way I write.

Adding links to my work has created a big topic for me to learn from. I looked at my previous work where I barely added links to support my writing and it did not look as pleasing to read compared to when I have added them. I never knew that adding even one link to my review could improve it and create more of an understanding of what I am talking to the reader about. I also learned how the layout and adding images can capture the readers attention and entice them to click on my work, especially if it is currently an on going topic that they could relate to or want to gain more info on.

Overall, looking back over this short period of time I have and continue to learn and experience more everyday. Learning these small ideas and taking in feedback has made me feel like I have improved a lot more and will continue to keep this going in the future.

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